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What is a Codependent Relationship? 5 Facts About it You Probably Didn’t Know

A codependent relationship can be defined as one where one person supports or enables another person’s poor behavior. The dependent feels loved and accepted while the enabler feels needed and has their need for approval met. Here are five surprising facts about codependency that you may not know. Click here to find a real solution for these issues as well.

1. Inability to Say No

Say No

Many codependents find it impossible to say no. Therefore, they take on more responsibilities than they can handle so that others will be pleased. The caregiver feels extreme anxiety whenever they try to say no. A person’s inability to say no often leaves them angry because they feel that they are being manipulated.

The combination often results in passive-aggressive behaviors that the person has a hard time controlling. People who are constantly saying yes to another individual often end up feeling stressed because they have less time to take care of the things that matter most to them. The inability to say no often leads to burnout and may start showing up with more physical symptoms such as colds and cases of flu.

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2. Problems with Intimacy

intimacy issues

People who are codependent often have trouble forming intimate relationships. While this often causes problems in the bedroom, it can also cause problems outside the bedroom as well. People often fear being rejected, so they do anything to stay in the relationship.

One person may complain that the other one is continuously unavailable while the other one feels like they are constantly being smothered. Many codependents feel that they are unable to love themselves, so they are constantly looking for intimacy. Yet, they continually push it away for fear of being smothered. Codependents were often pushed away or emotionally abandoned as children, so they do not have good feelings about their own self-worth.

3. Feel Very Vulnerable


People in a codependent relationship often feel very vulnerable. Therefore, they often choose to deny that they have a problem. They may secretly admit they have one, but their need to constantly be the one giving and never receiving makes it hard for them to accept help.

On the other hand, if they are the one being taken care of, then they may feel that they cannot possibly care for themselves, so if their partner tries to break away, they will try to hold them even tighter or bounce into another codependent relationship.

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4. Communicate Dysfunctionally


People who are codependent often do not communicate honestly for fear of being rejected or left alone. They also do not communicate effectively because of their need to manipulate others. There are many problematic communication problems that can be seen in codependency.

One of the most common is the need to blame others when things go wrong because they are desperately in need of other people’s constant approval. Another problem is that they often try to solve everyone else’s problem by sprouting advice even when they do not know anything about a subject.

5. Extremely Reactive


Since the codependent has a hard time establishing boundaries between themselves and others, they are extremely reactive. This can exhibit itself as believing everything that you are told. On the other hand, it can also exhibit itself as constantly being combative as you cannot accept anything as just the other person’s opinion.

If you are codependent, then there is help. Seek it out today so that you can recover. As you do, then you will be able to build strong healthy relationships.

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10 Things You Must Certainly Avoid Doing On The First Date

When it comes to meeting someone of interest for the first time, or going on the first date, no matter how many first dates we have already had, the excitement seems to be overflowing over the brim. And, why wouldn’t it be? This might be the opportunity to meet our future life partner.

Certainly, none of us wishes that our first date be anything less than perfect! But, even after all the careful planning things can go south pretty fast. Don’t worry, though. If you keep a few things in mind and avoid committing some of these dreadful mistakes, things should be smooth and fine!

What should you never do on first dates?

It’s always better safe than sorry while dating. So, let’s find out what you need to avoid doing on the first date, at all cost.

1. Ignoring personal hygiene

Yes, no matter who you are meeting, your first impression matters. And, call it unfair, but your date will judge you by looks. You need not be ravishingly beautiful or stunningly handsome, but what you simply cannot afford to do is turning up shaggily dressed, with dirty shoes (shoes are extremely important), and smelling awful. Use deodorant or perfume or aftershave. Dress up for the occasion.

2. Forget manners

Chivalry is still appreciated and will take you a long way! Also, be nice, friendly and polite, not just with your date, but also with others. You will be judged. And, please don’t eat with your mouth open!

3. Be full of yourself

Please, let your partner speak. Don’t keep talking all about yourself. You might wish your partner to know about you, but let the questions come in. Also, you need to ask questions too, and definitely wait for your partner to answer. Listen, it’s extremely important.

4. Babysit your date

Both of you are grown up and you need not speak on behalf of your date. It is extremely rude as well. Allow your date to order food and drinks. Do so only if you are asked to.

5. Get drunk

A drink or two certainly makes the mood with the ladies of www.torontoescorts.mobi (416-277-3333), but don’t drink more than you can handle. Drinks can also make you say or do things that you do not wish to. So, keep it within check. And, certainly never leave your drink unattended while you are out with a stranger.

6. Commenting on your date’s eating

No idea why, but some people think that it is cool to talk about food! You can ask if your date is enjoying the food, but that’s all about it. Don’t comment how little and definitely not how much your date is ordering!

7. Leap into the future

Yes, you might have already fallen for this person, or might be trying to find out more about your date’s future plans, but talking all about family and marriage and children is certainly not the first date thing. It can be overwhelming and scary too for your date.

8. Delve into past

You should also never start speaking about your past relationship(s). This makes the other person feel that you are still not ready for a new relationship. You definitely don’t want that!

9. Get into serious topics

Some topics can start a debate and these are best left away from any date, not just the first one. Keep the discussion light and hearty!

10. Act cheap with the bill

Guys, you need to pick up a place where you are comfortable with the rates. Even today it is considered that the guy will pay the bill since he asks the girl out on a date! Girls, it’s equality nowadays. At least ask to chip in. This creates a positive impression. Guys love dating self-sufficient girls.

While there are other things to consider as well, but unless you act creepy and keep these things in mind, dating should be pretty wonderful!