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7 Most Common Flirting Mistakes That Kill Attraction

Flirting is a prelude to relationships but how you guys handle it can make or break the attraction. Girls are sensitive at that stage. Look at the birds to realize why flirting is elaborate and not a “wham bam thank you ma’am” affair.

An arrow does fly straight to its target but in flirting, a circumambulatory route is best. Now with the help of  www.torontoescorts.mobi, you get to learn about the mistakes that kill attraction and give you a cold shoulder.

1. Hoping to be noticed

Hoping to be noticed

If you are dumb enough to think you can stay dumb and be noticed then it is thumbs down for you. Mackenzie Z Kennedy describes it so nicely in his post.

You cannot expect girls to make the first move when you so explicitly ignore them and whatever attraction she had for you evaporates in a jiffy.

2. Coming on too strongly

Coming on too strongly

Just because a girl smiles at you and talks freely it may not be taken to mean that she is interested in you. When they do that guys come on strongly. Rather too strongly. This turns off women.

There is more to it than just easy conversation and a smile. You must know her body language to know if the smile and chatter are invites or time passing methods.

3. Your life’s sad story

Your life’s sad story

Who is interested in it? Not your target girl.

Flirting should be fun and laughter and possibly double entendres, not an opportunity to lay out your sob story.

However, you can use it as a weapon against a girl who is interested in you but you are not equally interested in her and would rather she took herself somewhere.

4. Staring at her assets

Staring at her assets

Women are contradictory creatures. On the one hand, they are proud of their looks and figure.

On the other hand, should you inspect your vital assets like you are looking to mentally undress her then be prepared to be cold-shouldered? It does earn you the title of weirdo or creep.

5. Going overboard

man and woman

Speed does not earn you points.

Go overboard with compliments or trying to ask her out within seconds of meeting her is a sure-fire way to kill attraction. Women like to be cooked slowly in the oven of flirtation.

6. Being a nice guy

Being a nice guy

Being polite and nice, up to a point, is fine. Persist in it and flirtation simply fizzles down.

The lady in question will assume you are disinterested and are just being routinely nice to her so she freezes on you.

7. Maintaining a distance

Going overboard

You may think you are a gentleman and you will maintain distance. Big Mistake.

A touch is a form of physical escalation that you, nonverbally, state to take things to the next level. If you do not touch her hands or hair on some pretext or another, she will infer you are just not that interested in you. Attraction evaporates like dry ice.

Touching builds comfort and establishes a channel of communication. Do it. Find pretexts.

Flirt and she could possibly show you the way. The biggest mistake is to not flirt.