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Top Ten Most Addictive Games On Facebook

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None of us are just strangers to social superpower called as the Facebook. Here we will discuss top ten most addictive games on Facebook. Although it might have started off as social website it has also eventually unfolded into platform for plethora of the things and also an entertainment hub. In year 2007 Facebook enabled the users and also budding developers to just create various applications. On adding the application, the users could access it and if it was some game just play it! Out of all applications quizzes and also the games have turned out to be most popular. The addictive nature of the Facebook is just not uncommon but games on it can also prove to be even just more addictive. People spend many hours trying to just unlock next level or even beat high score. Here are just some of top addictive Facebook games.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Top ten most addictive games on Facebook include Petville. Not allowed to just have pet at home or cannot keep one for any of the reason? PetVille is known as a game where you can just create and also dress up pet of your own choice. You need to just take care of the pet by cleaning it and also giving it nice place to stay and also allowing it to interact with the other pets of the friends. You will earn Love Points as you just progress through game that unlocks some cool new items and also features. You’ will also earn some coins which will also help you buy the fun new clothes and also the furniture for your pet.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Top ten most addictive games on Facebook include THE SIMS SOCIAL. Although the game has just been shut down on the Facebook it was also extremely popular and went viral in matter of just no time. TheEA game allows you to just create virtual world of your own with everything that matters in day to day life. While also creating your own avatar you can also personalize the looks, the traits and the personality etc.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Top ten most addictive games on Facebook include Cityville. Ever imagined of building city of your own? Here is chance to make the dream come true. In this game of the CityVille you are architect of the dreams. Plan the city and build around it just work and even play and gather friends to become the citizens of your own city.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Top ten most addictive games on Facebook include BOWLING BUDDIES. Although many of the bowling games have come and also have gone Bowling Buddies is just by far best of them all. Developed by the play fish and also available on the Facebook, this game is going to just hold on to you as you tend to advance to the further levels. There are also several awards won at the different stages such as clown award which you get by just throwing the gutter balls.


Top Ten Most Addictive Games On Facebook-5

Mafia Wars just allows players to build the virtual mafia empires on the own by just inviting or even joining the friends. Tasks along game vary from just completing the criminal jobs, the fighting, the robbing and other Mafia gangs running somewhat illegal business and also purchasing the weapons and cars etc.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Words with Friends are known as merely modified and also fun version of the scrabble that you can play you with your Facebook friends. Just like the counterpart, one is just required to form some words either vertically or even horizontally and then wait for other player to make move. There is point for the each letter and thus point for the every word created. The player with highest score by end of game wins.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Top ten most addictive games on Facebook include Café World. Café World is known as a multiplayer social network game that is revolving around restaurant and is also created by the Zynga in the September of year 2009. It gained the popularity instantaneously and became fastest growing social game ever just reaching whopping 8 million users in week. This is the game if you are avid foodie budding chef or even some aspiring restaurant owner.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Texas Holdem is known as the social variant of the pokerone of popular games to man since year 1960. This game is also super addictive and can just get you fixed to spot for abnormally long time. The widespread appeal of the game is just owed in part to simplicity and also the entertainment value inherent in this. Main objective of Players is just to create 5 card set in best possible way.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Top ten most addictive games on Facebook include Farmville. Farmville is known as a virtual farming game developed by the Zynga that just requires making some good judgment, some good math skills and desire to farm. Playing the Farmville is just very easy if you only know what you are just doing. As name suggests, here is your chance to experience good old country life by only stepping into boots of farmer.


Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Statistics say that this game Candy Crush is first game to ever be at the No. 1 on iOS platform the Android platform and social networking site called Facebook at same time. Its inventor named King which is company in the Stockholm says that 1 in every 23 of the Facebook users plays it and will also definitely come back after just playing it once. Candy Crush Saga is game that is also literally capable of giving you sugar rush.

Summary – Top Ten Most Addictive Games on Facebook

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