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When is Ramadan in 2014

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In Islam all months have their own importance but Ramadan month is the most significant in the Islamic calendar, it is time to offer prayer, fasting, facilitating to the charity also self accountability regularly for Muslims all over the world and  try to fit their life according by  obeying their God’s  orders in such a way that to achieve piety.

When is Ramadan in 2014?

Ramadan  Mubarik 2014It is very important for you that moon sightings could be different for different areas of the date for vacating and start at sundown on the last day of Ramadan , the lunar year and the days start at sunset , do not worry there may be one day fault or error occur only when new moon is first detected.

Ramadan Initiation Dates:-

YearFirst Fast of Ramadan
2012Friday, July 20
2013Tuesday, July 9
2014Sunday, June 29


Ramadan 2014

Ramadan is at number 9th in the Islamic calendar, Muslims argue that the Holy Qur’an was also revealed in this month by Gabriel to the Muslim’s beloved prophet Muhammad, Fasting in the whole Ramadan is one of the five pillars described in Islam, prophet Muhammad said his follower “All doors of Heaven would be free or open through all over this month and Hell’s doors would be locked all the month”.

Muslims fast through the dawn to dusk in the holy month of Ramadan, and some time after breaking fast they offer a specific prayer named  as Tarawih.

Ramadan  in 2014In this period of time examine everyday life and enhanced religious devotion, there is one meal for everyone in the Sahar just before rising the sun and in the evening there is meal named as Iftar just after the sun setting, many fields of life related to our body lead and  care people’s health through whole month of Ramadan.

Many people donate money to the welfare trusts as Zakah and Sadaqah. Moreover, they prepare Iftar meal and invite the poor for breaking their fasts. They take part in this job voluntarily and help the poor through different types of fund, many people read the Holy Quran daily to gain dignity and piety from Allah Almighty, furthermore they recite the Holy Quran Completely through a special kind of prayer which are arranged  in mosques each night in the whole month.

In all Islamic countries every field tries to set up  a new timetable in  this  period  to provide extra facility for the people, therefore they can easily manage whole day activities in an easy and effective way. There is also wonderful congestion through the whole month around the mosques, it is very pleasure to see this crowd.


In the ninth position in Islamic calendar which have  12months  and 354 days , the word Ramadan comes from an Arabic one means that intense heat and short of a meal, and a sign of the holy and blessed month which is traditionally starts by sighting  a moon, it is also considered as the holiest period in the Islamic year.

The whole month is important due to its dignity but last ten days are most important due to its odd nights because Laylat Al Qadr comes on a night out on these nights and when Holy Qur’an was revealed to the Muhammad last prophet of Allah

At the end of holy Ramadan people celebrates excited and pleasurable event named as Eid-al- Fitr, when a new moon sighting of Shahwal and is the 10th month in the Islamic calendar, people have three Islamic holidays on this occasion.

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