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When will TEKKEN 7 Comes Out

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[box type=”info”]TEKKEN is an all time favorite game of children and adults, it is a series from Namco Bandai and almost eight parts of the series has been released including 2 tag tournaments and  a couple of videos were also released regarding the game. Now, the Namaco is planning to take the TEKKEN series to a new height by introducing free to play feature in their upcoming release which they named it TEKKEN Revolution. The game will be available for the PS3 users, but that will not be the thing that is interesting.[/box]

Tekken 7 Release Date

Tekken 7

The interesting fact that attracts our attention is that, the developers are working on the new release of the TEKKEN, and it seems that game’s views  may swivel upon the reputation of free to play games feature.

During a meeting on the release of the TEKKEN Revolution, Katsuhiro Harada creator of TEKKEN series revealed a secret about the new release of the series. In answer to a question, that whether TEKKEN Revolution is being designed to attract the gamers to the franchise. Harada answered, “That’s exactly what we are hoping to do.”

Katsuhiro Harada about Tekken 7Harada also said that, TEKKEN Revolution is specially designed for the gamers, who are looking for the real time fighting game. He also said that the 20th anniversary of the company will be next year. It seems that company will release the TEKKEN 7 in the next year, but we still say it is not a sure date.

As we already heard the news, in which he confirmed that TEKKEN 7 be released in 2010, but the game was not released on the given date. We think that they are planning to release the game on their 20th anniversary next year. Most of the TEKKEN lovers are waiting for the new release and we think that their wait will come to an end very soon.

So, that’s it from this article, we hoped that we have guided you rightly on an interesting topic “When will TEKKEN 7 be released.” Stay tuned to our website for further updates on this topic, we will soon guide you about the release date of the game. Don’t forget to show your response about the article.

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