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When will Windows 9 come out

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When will Microsoft launch Windows 9

Windows 9 Release DateNowadays there is a lot of rumors about the release of Windows 9, but Microsoft haven’t announced the exact date of releasing Window 9. After the release of the Windows 8 Microsoft is now aiming to release Windows 8.1. Despite lot of rumors about the shipping schedule and the aggressive development, there is no official word from Microsoft what is the next version of the Windows. All the Windows lovers are waiting for the release of the next version of the Windows, whether the next version will be Windows 8.1 or the Windows 9.

Introducing Windows Blue

When will Microsoft release Windows Blue[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Windows 8.1 turned out to be Windows Blue rather than a completely new version of the Windows Operating System, as the people are expecting that Windows Blue will be Windows 9.[/box]

Windows RT, Service and Phone

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Microsoft releases the new version of “Windows Server” and the “Windows RT” every year, as they already doing for the Windows Phone. In an ad, it was written that a team of developers are working in the areas including “Internet Explorer and Windows 9 service integration, including iPad and more.”[/box]

When Windows 9 will be released

Windows 9 WallpapersFrank Shaw the Microsoft communication chief said that Microsoft hasn’t decided to release the next version of Windows, but he also said that it might release in November 2014. He also said that, at this time Microsoft is working on many other projects like; Windows Phone, updating the versions of the Windows Phone.

As nobody knows whether the Windows 9 is the upgrade of Windows 7 or it will be the upgrade version of the Windows 8. Tami Reller Windows Business chief said that they are heading towards the “Multiple Selling Season” for the Windows 8; it means that more versions of Windows 8 are still to come.

Windows 9 will come cheaper, smaller and contain more applications

Windows 9 - Featuring More Aps, Realibility and ExperiencePeter Klein Microsoft’s CFO said that Microsoft is getting messages that “Windows 8” tablets are need to be cheaper. That’s why Microsoft is working on the new version of the Windows, to give our customer the exciting new hardware they want.

Windows 9 is considering as cheap, small and with more apps. Small size is indicating that it will also available in tablet, smartphones. Developers are working to develop new apps for the Windows 9 and for the Windows store, scaling these apps to fit in the different screens.

As these are all rumors, until Microsoft officially announced the release date of the Windows 9, as the team of developers are already working on the new release of the Windows 8 (i.e. Windows 8.1), so one can say that the new version of Windows (i.e. Windows 9) will be released in the near future.

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